RT6010 Massage Chair

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  • 💎【Intelligent 3D Massage Mechanism】Automatic scanning after power-on detects your body size, fitting the human body curve.6 preset massage programs and 17 DIY modes provide up and down, left and right, front and back, fixed-point multi-position deep massage. The massage range and intensity can be adjusted freely. Upgraded 3D smart massage mechanism with removable motors, comparable to real hands, more powerful, providing four massage methods, such as kneading, shiatsu, knocking, and rubbing.
  • 💎【Zero Gravity & Rocking Chair】Two-stage zero-gravity massage chair simulates the zero-gravity somatosensory in space. The massage chair will raise at 126±7°, and the center of gravity of the human body will turn from the spine to the buttocks, so as to relieve the pressure on the spine and joints. In the Relax Mode, after about 3 minutes, it will swing up and down at an even speed with tapping gently. Relax your whole body as if you are in the clouds.
  • 💎【SL Track & Full Body Massage】According to the ergonomic design, use SL track, deeply fitting the body's back curve. The 126 CM guide rail greatly extends the massage range of the torso. The massage range covers the head and neck to the bottom of the buttocks. Airbags placed over shoulders, arms ,legs and feet,and powerful bump roller to massage the acupoints on the soles of the feet .Experience a professional full body massage.
  • 💎【Adjustable Calf Unit & Backrest & Footrest】The Calf Unit and Backrest can adjust reclined angle when 6 auto pre-set massage program is running.Press and hold on the up/down key of the CALF to adjust the reclined angle of the Calf Unit;keep pressing up/down key of the BACKREST to adjust the reclined angle of the Backrest.Footrest can be extended to 19 CM.Because of the design of springs, the footrest can be stretched back and forth by pushing the calf with your feet.
  • 💎【Double Relaxation, Double the Relief】Aront Massage Chair Recliner has an environmentally friendly material shell, whose PU leather is wear-resistant and anti-aging.Use high-quality silicone massage head, and the tactility will be more gentle, more elastic, just like a real human hand.Massage can reduce blood pressure, increase metabolism ,reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood,especially before going to bed.So enjoy Aront Massage Chair pre-bedtime for a blissful night's sleep!